Sunday, May 31, 2009

How Much a Life?

Remember that guy who got killed at Wal*Mart on Black Friday when customers surged the gate and crushed the guy? He was 6' tall, 270 pounds. This wasn't some little guy like me.

OSHA's found Wal*Mart liable and is fining them $7,000. (That's OSHA's largest allowable fine*.) MSNBC says that Wal*Mart will make that much in 18 seconds. Probably took longer for the guy to die.

I think Wal*Mart should be fined the entire amount of profit that Wal*Mart made at that Long Island store on Good Friday.

(*There's some country... Norway? Sweden? Where a speeding ticket's fee is dependent on how many money you make, so that it's the same kind of relative pain no matter how much you make. OSHA needs to be able to levy fines in the same way.)