Saturday, May 30, 2009

Magic Act

I was alternatively thinking of calling this "California Screaming" - as of today, Zillow puts the value of our former home in California at exactly $1,000 more than when we purchased it in August 2003.   (As we offered them $4,500 less than they were asking.)

I know this isn't really a magic act, because if you've heard our story, this was a God-thing - our getting out when we did.  But in some ways, this still disgusts me.  I can't wrap my mind around how money can materialize out of thin air and disappear just as quick.  (When we sold, we had a check large enough to pay for a third of this house in cash and pay off all of our credit cards and both cars.)

I feel bad for the single mom school teacher who financed the entire purchase.  I'm worried she's going to walk away from it and let it foreclose, that poor little house we worked so hard to make nice.