Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Updated Google Wishlist

Here's my wish list. Last posted May 22, 2006. I think these aren't entirely bad ideas. I guess no one from Google is reading my blog. Someone in Redmond is reading it daily.

(1) "Map" link in contacts if address is stored
(2) "Add to Contacts" link on recognized address or phone number
(3) Ding noise for new messages, like what's now available for Google Talk (without having to install an extra application)
(4) Remember Chat/NoChat/HTML lite by computer, not by login

(1) I cannot mark an e-mail address as "inactive" - If I can archive e-mail forever, then eventually someone's going to give up an old address, but I still need it tied to their contact so that when I view e-mails from them, these old e-mails show up.
(2) If a website address is added, it should be parsed out and available as a clickable link.
(3) Tabs - a long list is no fun to scroll through but sometimes search isn't the best option (sorry!)
(4) Ability to merge contacts
(5) Ability to hide groups' contacts from the overall list (making the list shorter)

(1) "Identify" option on maps, that can give you the address of the location you've clicked on. And then can search Google for that address. (big brother? maybe. Zillow uses Google Maps and offers the addressing part already. Yahoo! Beta seems to have this sometimes.)
(2) Doesn't refresh/update the search results as you move the map (see Live Local and Yahoo! Maps Beta)
(3) Doesn't offer categories (see Yahoo! Maps Beta) - hopefully new deal with Verizon Superpages will solve this
(4) no way to close/hide the search results panel

(1) Allow me to select an address from my list of contacts -- even if that contact isn't on the invite list.
(2) separate the "location" into two parts... a written description and a actual address.
(3) parse the comments so that maps and links are live
(4) allow for the deletion of comments

(1) doesn't show events from the calendar

Docs/Google Apps for Your Domain
(1) Allow to copy or move your spreadsheet to a different Google account.

(1) Allow you to move your blog ownership to a different Google account.

Google Accounts
(1) Ability to merge two Google Accounts
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