Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another New Blog

Yeah, I like I don't have enough blogs. Ever since I closed down my L.A. Traffic blog (which seems to now be the home for someone who takes photos of their drive, though the photos weren't working for me tonight), I've wanted to do another civic blog up here. I didn't think I drove enough in King County to do a King County Traffic blog justice, so I finally hit on it. I would create a blog where people could submit photos (or the locations) of graffiti they saw in and around Federal Way, Washington. And so Federal Way Graffiti was born.

I think it has potential. You can e-mail me at when you see graffiti and I'll go take a photo of it. Or you can save me the trouble and take the photo yourself and send it to me. I'll post it on the blog and on the map.

What's the point? Well, depending on how serious the City of Federal Way is about clamping down on graffiti, it will either help them to quickly find new graffiti or it will prod them to get it done quicker.
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