Monday, April 02, 2007

What? April? Already?

I was recently agreeing that it seemed like March was taking forever. And now I find myself in April already. This weekend was a blur, which was funny because it seemed like it shouldn't have been. It snowed for a few minutes, I spent some time reading and some time trying to veg. I now believe my goal to do nothing is not going to happen any time soon.

I'm feeling a little bored tonight. I could go up and read or get ready for bed, but I'm not ready to do that just yet. So maybe I should see how I did on my monthly checklist.

My goals for the year...

Post In My Blog More Frequently - Maybe too much? 45 posts in 31 days. Not to mention any twittering I did. Let's take this off the list for awhile.

Artistic Photos - Did not happen again this month. We didn't get out as much as planned and as such didn't take as many photos. The artistic photo for March was a stretch. Not even sure if I should post it to Flickr.

Lots of Reading - Have done better recently. I'm in the midst of a million magazines and really engrossed in Disney War.

More social - No. Not exactly taking this as seriously as I should. I think I hide behind Rachel. I'm encouraging her to respond to adults who talk to her and then don't really do much myself to be more social.

Diet will return - It's been slow going, but I'm at the lowest I've weighed since we moved back. I now weigh 30 pounds less than I did one year ago. Seven more to go.

Less Busy - Yes, but at what cost? I stopped attending the every other week Men's Bible study and I don't think I've done enough to help around the house. We also didn't make it to the city this month. Rained a lot.

Bigger Help Around The House - Not sure.

Make It To The City Monthly - Sadly, no. Not even sure I left Federal Way during the entire month of March. That's kind of amazing to me. I guess that proves that Federal Way does have more to offer than Monrovia despite all my complaints to the contrary. No, wait, drove to Sea-Tac to pick my parents up from the airport. Woo.

New Restaurant Each Month - Yes! The new Panera Bread. Pricey, but we will be back.

Same Restaurants Less - No.

Send Lori More Flowers - Yep, did bring her flowers.

Don't waste time on the computer or doing chores when spending time with Rachel - I did not spend on the computer when I should have been playing with Rachel, but one night I did a lot of chores while hanging out with her and another night I worked in the backyard while she played in the backyard. It was inevitable, but I don't think it was at her expense either night.

Get finances under control - Not. Even. Close. Bad, bad, bad, bad.

Talk to family more frequently - No. Have not talked to Lori's mom in a long time -- she's apparently working on moving back here. Guess it took a year in Iowa to learn that this is a nice place and I'm not an evil son-in-law. Have not talked to Lori's dad in who knows how long. Saw my brother when he came to babysit and my parents when I picked them up at the airport. Have e-mailed them recently and helped Rachel e-mail Lori's mom whom I also e-mailed.

Declutter - Very minor. Slowly the house is getting more zen. We got a new entertainment center for the living room to hold the TV and related equipment and entertainment media. Looks really nice. Completely matches the look of our furniture.

Enjoy the view out my bedroom window more - Yes. Will take this one off the list as well. Took some super-zoom photos out of the window and confirmed once and for all that the control tower at Sea-Tac is indeed visible from our house. But I don't think the Space Needle is. May have also taken a photo of a UFO. Or an airplane banking at a weird angle.

Appreciate the beauty of nature more - Yes. Goes hand in hand with my different attitude when driving since there's so much wooded areas during my daily commute. This can also come off the list.

Well, tomorrow marks one year at work. I was a temp, and then I got hired into a real position, and then I got a promotion. Someone else said that they've never seen someone move up so quickly. It's a nice feeling. They were a little grumpy when they said that, they had been talking to me about coming to work on their team and I was talking to them even though I knew this other thing was coming up because I couldn't talk about it yet and it would have seemed weird to them (like something was up) if I hadn't talked to them about the opportunity in their area.

It's really amazing what a change a year and change has made.
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