Saturday, April 21, 2007

Funny from the Office

(Chris and Todd work for John. But you could easily replace your own co-worker's names.)

So John, Chris & Todd are walking along the waterfront after a lunch out one day, and they find a lamp lying in the rocks near the water. Chris picks it up and looks at it. John says, "It's kind of dirty. Here Todd, can you clean it for us?" Todd rubs the lamp and out pops a genie.

"I normally give out three wishes, and since there are three of you, I'll give each of you one wish," he says.

Chris says "Ooh! Me first! I wanna live on the beach in Maui, working on my tan and sipping Christian-approved, non-alcoholic drinks the rest of my life!" POOF! It happens.

Todd says, "Ooh! Me next! I wanna spend the rest of my life reading books about fictional characters with fur on their feet!" POOF! That happens too.

The genie turns to John. "And you?"

"I want them BOTH back here right after lunch."
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