Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Random Thoughts

Woo. Lost tonight.

iTunes died on me last night. Took some serious work to bring it back to life, including re-importing all the songs and 8 hours of resynching the iPod over the crummy USB1.1 connection. I always download all the free stuff from iTunes because it's usually entertaining.

One was a cartoon Exec. Produced by someone I knew from our church in California. That was cool. She had been toiling away at Nikelodeon forever and finally someone gave her a show to run. I don't think it was one of her show ideas, but I have to imagine her day will come for that. Congrats, Heather!

Anyhow, I now have more video on my iPod than audio, just based on filesize. Realized today another flaw in the Apple TV product. It should have an iPod dock built in so that anyone with an iPod could come in and play their content on an attached TV. Maybew that's what the USB port on the back of the Apple TV will be for.

Sony added Folding@Home as something to run on your Playstation 3 when you're not using it. A quarter of a million people downloaded and are running the program, which uses the untapped processing power to work on complex calculations, trying to develop cures for a number of diseases. Said they contributed so much processor power that it equalled a year of what they had been able to do before.

So, you know what would add a lot of value to the Playstation? Joost. Sure, it's distributed computing and bandwidth for a less noble purpose, but it would really add an extra "pop" to the list of options to suddenly offer a huge international television network right into every box.

And this occurred to me a few days ago and then we were talking about it in the "40 Days of Commmunity" and someone reminded me that it's also the basic premise of "40 Days of Purpose." And the thing that occurred to me? "It's not about me." I realized this when driving, thinking about my attempts to be a better, calmer driver. I realized that when someone cut me off, they weren't cutting me off, they were cutting a car off because they were a bad driver. They weren't out to get me personally. And therefore, I shouldn't take it personally or get upset. I should just chill out and let the menace get ahead so that when they do ultimately get in an accident they're not near me.
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