Saturday, April 07, 2007

Oh Big Box Mart...

Alicia reports that Tacoma, our next door neighbor (yes, that Tacoma, named after a Toyota truck and home to my alma mater, sort of) has become the victim of a horrible crime. (Clarification... not Alicia's neighbor, Alicia's 'hood. Me and Lori's neighbor.)

That crime? Wal*Mart's announced intention to attempt to build a Wal*Mart in downtown Tacoma. Downtown Tacoma? I just can't picture it. No, I mean downtown Tacoma. Where is that? What is considered technically downtown Tacoma. Is it where all the tall buildings are? If so, why would Wal*Mart want to come in and tear down a bunch of them in order to build a one-story monstrosity with miles and miles of campsites for all the RV-dwelling folk?

Alicia says that residents do want some large chain stores, but they're hoping for more Crate and Barrel less barrel o' bargains. So, I have the perfect solution. Wal*Mart should buy a really large seven story building. They can put a Wal*Mart in the basement and then Wal*Mart parking on the ground floor. On the next few floors, parking. And then above that, a mall, complete with the bigger (nicer) box stores they desire. (The Beverly Connection in Beverly Hills is like this, parking on a few floors with the stores above. It, however, does not have a Wal*Mart in the basement.)
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