Monday, April 09, 2007


Google's just released a free (other charges may apply) automated 411 service that's completely voice activated. It's pretty decent for the one call I've tried.

I tried "Federal Way, Washington" and "church" It gave me the top 8 search results, which were identical to the same search on That's kind of cool.

When it got to the one I was looking for, I said the number and it offered to connect me, or I could say "Details." When I said "Details" it told me the street address and then phone number, and then street address and phone number a second time and then said it was connecting me. I hung up at that point. But very, very nice.

I expect that in time you'll be able to do everything else you can do with Google SMS, such as get sports scores, flight status, movie listings, driving directions, etc.

And since they keep track of your phone number, they'll even be able to play ads that match your searches, I'd bet.

I thought 1-800-THE-GOOG would have been a cool number. But it rings quite a bit and then some woman answered, sounded like she had been sleeping. I apologized and said I must have the wrong number and as I was clicking off heard her ask who I was trying to reach. Hope I didn't get anyone in trouble or activate some spy network or anything. If so, maybe someone can call the goog back and apologize for me.
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