Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Are you 'myspace' cool?

RELEVANTMAGAZINE.COM -- A colleague read this in devotions the other day. The gist of it was that we're being phony when we create our online personas, that we're only presenting the best of who we are. While that elicits a big fat "duh," the article went on to ask if we're being really honest about who we are with anyone. Are we being open and vulnerable and allowing ourselves the opportunity to confess and/or be held accountable for bad behaviors that we know we must change?

I liked the idea, though my mind actually immediately went the other way... we already hold everyone to the standard that they must be as good as their MySpace page (and then are subsequently disappointed when we find out they are nothing like their MySpace page.) So I wondered... what if we all strove to be as cool as we intimate that we are on our myspace, facebook, blogger, yahoo 360, flickr, etc. etc. etc. page?

Were that the case, I'd really need to overhaul these things. They can't possibly make me look good as they currently stand.
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