Thursday, May 10, 2012


Late on a Thursday, trying to get my Lose It posts caught up.  As of this writing, the last one I posted was 4/22.  They'll get added (I forgot a few screenshots of the graph on a few days, but that's fine).  I want to get back into regular posting.  I'm not sure why.  I'm not sure if it actually even aligns with my idea of "simplify" from earlier this year.  I'm trying to bring that back, though.  I changed my background on my computer to just the word "simplify." on an otherwise empty screen so that whenever the computer is starting up or goes to the lock screen it reminds me.   I changed my background on Google+ as well and I'm going to make something to go in a frame on the wall on my side of the bed to remind me.   I want things to be simpler.  There's so much about my life that is not simple.  Of course, trying to be simple is in itself a difficult thing, but I still want to strive for it.  I thought about all the things I aspire to be... fit... a runner.... a reader... someone who doesn't spend a lot of time doing chores... someone who has lots of time to play with the kids.... someone who can relax in their bedroom because it's a place of retreat.... someone with as little stress as possible at work.  All things that would take some work, but aiming for a better quality of life.  (A new car wouldn't hurt either... mine needs some repairs.  Still cheaper to get them done - I think - versus buy a new car, but we're close to that tipping point.)

Anyhow, this is neither the really good introspective or the catch-up I thought it would be, but that's fine.  It is what it is.  The important thing is that I blogged something.  Anything.

Oh... I tried a Google+ Hangout tonight.  I started my own but no one was there so I got bored.  Then I started looking at the other public ones that were out there and found one with this girl who was DJing.  There was probably 4-5 other people hanging out and I just did my freestep to the music.  There was a few things I recognized and a bunch that I didn't, but it was a good beat to do freestep to and at least one guy who looked to be from South America thought it was funny that I was exercising while hanging out.  I'm starting to see some appeal to Google+ - the lack of ads, the integration with all the other Google products, it's just easier.  Simpler.

Only it's not.  The only reason I started messing around with it was because I was fighting with Google Voice.  It's got some kind of bug that prevented me from changing settings - all of my co-workers were stuck with the voicemail announcing my last vacation and going straight to voicemail if they called me.  So I finally fixed that tonight (deleted all my groups in Gmail and then created a new group) but it was all that time being really annoyed at Google Voice that led me to start deleting old contacts and seeing people I hadn't talked to in a long time on Google+ and then led me over there to mess around.  Of course, there's still just not enough people on Google+.  You'd think that wouldn't matter to someone like me, but in this context I'm not as much of an introvert as you'd think, or at least I want an audience for what I have to share.

Anyhow, now time to head off to bed.  Good night, all.

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