Friday, May 25, 2012


I noticed the last day that u felt like something interesting was missing. Nothing new on, nothing in Google Reader was looking like something I wanted to read. What was I forgetting? Finally realized it was my self-imposed break from Facebook. Guess that proves two good things - I'm not hopelessly addicted and that it's not just all about me broadcasting about myself. I did click on something today that dropped me into Facebook, but I turned around and left. Did see that all three were lit at the top - new friend requests, new messages and new notifications. It's not entirely cold turkey, some notices appear on my iPhone when it's locked.

Today was a good day. I slept well, woke up, did my walking and devotions, and then instead of doing another 30 minutes of walking, I went out and worked more on clearing the area where the path, shed and outdoor dining area will go.

Then off to work. A quieter day - a series if meetings to start, then a break. Then a meeting with my boss which we ended up taking as a walk around the ponds a few times after we discovered our usual meeting spot had been turned into cubes and then we were evicted from the room we squatted in. I think I was called out for a behavior I didn't think I was specifically engaging in (or that maybe our group had the perception of engaging in) but whatever - I'll be on the lookout for anything I might think about communicating that fits that pattern because if the perception is there, that's a reality I need to address. Not sense getting bent out of shape or demanding dates and times and names or being defensive - I'll just be sensitive to it in the future. It wasn't a disciplinary type thing, fortunately.

Lunch was a very tasty Honey Misi Salmon from Trader Joe's. Despite knowing the family that founded TJ's, I resisted them for a few personal reasons too silly to mention here, but in Lori's quest to feed us healthier, more responsible foods, she's discovered it and one of the ways I'm benefiting is tasty salads on the days when she'snot sending left-overs instead of as many microwave meals. (And most of you know how great a cook she is.)

Did some other stuff in the afternoon and then had a meeting over a topic I've been asking for for at least 4, maybe 5, years. Glad to see that finally hopefully coming to pass.

And then one more cumbersome once-a-month task I begged to be responsible, and then home.

Got to play quite a bit with Ben tonight. And we had small group. And the most amazing rainstorm. I think I might be able to remember one other time in L.A. when I remember rain that hard.

Besides the working in the yard, no real simplicity actions today. I would consider rescuing the amount of grass a simplicity thing, except that I've already removed all this grass once or twice but neglected to cover the area do it all grew back. Not this time.

Earlier today the weather was gorgeous and I really wanted to run, but the timing wasn't right. Maybe sometime over the long weekend.
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