Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today was a good day. I have but one regret - I did not leave work earlier. It meant I haven't seen Lori much today because she had worship team practice tonight.

Did not go to bed early enough last night, had a weird dream where a co-worker complained about all my quirks but then woke up refreshed and feeling good. Weigh-in was the same as yesterday. While I walked, I cleaned up my iPad, deleting apps I don't use and consolidating until now everything fits on one screen.

Got to work and found out the two hour meeting was at 8:30 instead of 8. Got a good seat in overflow. And then someone several levels above me came and say next to me. I thought I wouldn't be able to use my iPad, but he explained he was in two important meetings simultaneously, so I gave him my better seat and he used his iPhone continuously so I figured the occasional peak at my iPad was ok. Another co-worker two down from me on the row was using his laptop. But, since everyone was in the meeting, it was pretty quiet. And then they ended the meeting early, and the speaker was engaging, so that was cool.

And then an hour and a half meeting later in the day got canceled.

Because Ben had been up so late last night (he had been sound asleep until I realized I hadn't put a nighttime diaper on him) Lori decided they wouldn't come for lunch today. So I got a tasty Hawaiian-style burger from the cheaper (barely) of the two Hawaiian places in town. I love Hawaiian food and we just watched this season of Hawaii 5-0, do I guess that I was kind of programmed to go there. The weather was awesome and the iPhone played awesome music and I had the sunroof open and it was nice to get away.

While I ate I cleaned up my contacts on my iPhone. If that doesn't flow over into Google, that will have mostly been a waste of time.

I had a touch-base on a complicated project but I knew I wasn't a blocker on any part, so I didn't even take any paper or my iPad because I knew no one would be expecting anything from me. BEST MEETING OF THE MONTH.

Oh, there was another meeting earlier in the day where I was supposed to go along but it was someone else's meeting. They couldn't make it but the other person still wanted to meet. It is one of my faves, so sure. We ended up talking for an hour and a half.

Near the end of the day, I had an inspiration and had to quickly code something. That was unfortunately what made me late in leaving but I think I just solved something that's been bugging me for years. I think the proof-of-concept will sell it. Of course, how to fund it?

I also remembered at nearly the last minute that I needed to put in a request for staffing for the project I'm overseeing. We'll see...

So the drive home was aggravating. Tacos for dinner. Then gave the little ones their melatonin and then had an interesting idea... Did they want to go for a walk? It was really nice - I ended up carrying him most of the way and his was very cuddly and close to sleep. We stopped and complimented our neighbor on his yard on the way in. They both went to sleep very quickly once we got home.

I tidied up my side of the bed to get it back to its clean state. I sat for a few minutes in the room. It was nice. Then I went outside and picked up all the flowers that had fallen off a bush and then pulled a bunch of weeds.

Then I came in and did some cleaning and watched some TED Talks. Then tidied the laundry room and now watching TV and doing some walking. Will do some reading later.

There is some repetition to my life, I guess. That feels a little odd, but I guess what's repeating is not bad. :)
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