Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I started tonight's exercise without Lori downstairs. I looked through the DVR and came "Silent Movie" - now there's a movie you can't watch while you're doing other stuff. I had to turn off the iPad entirely to just watch the movie. It was weird - I felt unproductive at first, it kept sending me alerts and I'd turn it on and turn if off and rewind.

I did some more simplifying of the laundry room. I cleaned up some stuff in the cabinets, threw some stuff away and consolidated some other stuff. I think we're set for gift bags forever and tissue paper for at least six years.

No reading yet, but I got Google Reader caught up and I'll go do some reading upstairs as soon as the laundry is done and I can move it to the dryer.

Kids were fun tonight. Ben kept pulling me to him and the wrapping his arm around me for a side hug. Rachel had trouble falling asleep so I left my phone in her room playing lullaby music ehich was fine until a timer went off. She fought sleep for an hour but finally gave in shortly after the timer.

Work is crazy. I think we are doing far too many different things. While I think we're getting started, I think we continue to add things. I really don't understand it. I think it has to do woth starting with the "what" instead of the "why.". I have to pull a bunch of people out of a required all-company meeting for an important last minute meeting (a lot are my boss and his peers) because it's the only time I know they're free. I think we'll confirm a project that's going to be really good for us to do, but it's got really tight deadlines and we're going to have to get serious. I wouldn't say I've been set up to fail, but it's gonna be a tougher one to pull off.

I've also gotten so far behind in email that I've had to adjust my strategy yet again. I've created folders for each of the 8 or 9 initiatives, projects and teams I'm overseeing. Within each, I have sub-folders for the components. And when I get a spare moment, I go through create a new folder and then I go through a folder - if I can triage (do or delegate), I do. Otherwise, it goes into the new folder (defer). I think I'm making progress, but it's uneven as somedays I have to work more on one-spinning plate than another. It's still fun, but I wonder if doing so much hurts us when it comes to focus or excellence.
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