Friday, May 11, 2012


I'm going to end this day about 500 calories over. That's pretty sad. It started with being so tired at 6 am that I apparently unlocked my phone, went into the clock app and turned the alarm off. I have no recollection of that.

So I got up late, got less exercise in. Then, a busy day. Therapy with Ben, shopping with Lori, a brief visit with my parents as they passed through town, then a long trip to Ben's old and new pediatricians. A good visit I'll detail some other time.

Then back to collect Rachel and then grab some fast food, eat, get the kids to bed, and then discover the printer died. Spent about 90 minutes believing it was dead and should be stuck in the trunk of my car be both pushed off a cliff. In the end, I fought the printer and I won. But it was time I should have been doing other stuff. Hen did other stuff like helping bake cookies, clean he house, decorate for Ben's birthday party and when all is finally said and done, I'm guessing it will be close to 1 am when we get to bed. That's lays the case the night before a big event, we chew off too much and end styling up really late. And so no more exercise. I'm guessing that huge gain (loss) I celebrated this morning will be gone.

Plus, I made the mistake of checking my work email. It just doesn't let up. I've never been his busy, this stressed, or faced this much insanity. I am a little list to undersnd what to make of it. People want stuff that's either illogical, expensive or darned near impossible - I'm going to end up looking like an obstacle just because I see things they can't or don't want to. Yes, they are either closing their eyes to a situation they do not wish to acknowledge or are the are unaware of the caliber of disaster... Wait a minute... As much as I feel like there's trouble in River City, I don't think it's manufactured in this case. Or maybe they own the billiard or something. I didn't think that through. Still, a good song.
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