Monday, May 14, 2012


Man, today went by quickly.  I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm.  That seemed to be helpful though I hate the idea of setting an alarm for before 6 am.

The "Check Engine" light didn't come on in the drive in.  Sweet.

Day went quickly.  Skipped lunch.  Meetings, email, Skype.  I thought I had to take the car in so I didn't bring my gear but when the car seemed fine, Lori brought me my gear.  So at the end of the day, I did a quick run, went home, mowed the front lawns.

Back inside, Ben was laying on the couch so I went and hung out near him.  He had already eaten, and was being quiet, so I just hung out with him.  Then dinner for Lori, Rachel and I and then get Ben ready for bed.  He seemed really sleepy, so I moved him from his crib to his bed and read from the Bible to him.  He was mostly calm.  I put on some music on my iPhone and just stayed in the room with him for awhile.  He just lay there rocking.  Rocking a lot.  And then all the sudden, massive barf.  I scooped him up before he got any on himself and I quickly carried him to the bathroom while calling to Lori who went in and scooped up his bedding before it had a chance to spread.  As I was typing this I remembered I hadn't put it in the wash yet.  Grr... wish I had remembered that earlier... I don't want to be up for another hour.  Anyhow, so I had him with me in the bathroom and he was seeming fussy and then, a second one, right into the bathtub.  Made clean-up easy.  Yes, this is gross, but welcome to the life of a parent.

He was immediately happy and alert.  I guess his quiet calm was just not feeling good and not being able to tell us.  Which makes me even more glad that I had ended up staying in his room with him.  Because, it's been years, but once or twice in the past he's been sick overnight after the last checkin of the night and we haven't discovered it until the next day.  The sad reality of a generally unfussy but non-speaking child.

So cleaned out the bathtub, gave him a shower which he really enjoyed, he stood there for the longest time letting the water run directly on him, something he doesn't typically do.  Took him out, got him dried off and into a new diaper and clean pajamas and into the crib which was still clean since he had been in his little bed instead (thank you, God!).  And within moment, he was fast asleep and we've barely heard any rustling from him since.

Cleaned the tub again, wrote a note to Rachel (she had fallen asleep before I could get back in there to tell her goodnight), shaved and watched a TED Talk, and paid some bills and came down and did some freestep.

It was almost 80 degress at 4 pm when I went running.  We've gone straight from winter to summer.  I thought about running this morning at 6 am - it was almost 60.  Time to start thinking about early morning runs or working in the yard.  We fixed up the front yard but both side yards and the backyard need work.
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