Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sick (not me)

Lori wasn't feeling well so I stayed home to help with the little ones. I drove them to school. When it was time to pick Ben up, I was on a conference call, so I stopped by one of the neighborhood parks and let him run around while I trailed behind him. He had a lot of fun, but at one point he unexpectedly went down a big slide. I had to quickly slide down the slide as well. I didn't have time to mute the phone, but everyone on the call was amused.

When it was time to pick up Rachel, I headed out without the car. It gave me
a chance to get in some exercise and some more time to talk with her. She wasn't amused. This wasn't the first time I'd picked her up without a car, but she wishes I'd wait until her legs are longer.

I finished the book I was reading yesterday. I'm a little less bullish on it now, but I'll check out the next chapter coming out in 2013 probably.

After I'm done here I'm going to start another book called "Expats" - I don't have the author's name handy.

I didn't do anything really to SImplify today, but I didn't make anything messier either, so I'll consider it good.

I'm ending under by 270 calories, but I still feel like I'm going to be up tomorrow. Hope I'm wrong. Also hope I'm not up (awake) too long tonight. I did drink a lot of caffeine today, but that's unpredictable with me. I was falling asleep while watching TV today at 2, but now I feel quite awake. Last night I fell asleep while reading and woke up to find the cat sprawled across me fast asleep and a book lying open on top of him where it had apparently landed after I released my grip on it. I was tempted to just go back to sleep sitting there but figured that would be painful later.

Lori seems to be doing a little better. Hopefully she's on the mend and the rest of us stay healthy.
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