Saturday, May 26, 2012


I want to pop the bounce house the (non-association) neighbors rented and are still using. That would be wrong. If, however, any porcupines got caught in the WildernessEjector(tm) automatic catapult in our backyard, there's nothing I could do about that.

I kid, I kid.

Today, I accomplished far more than my goals for the day which included waking up and drinking coffee.

I spent the first part of the morning with Ben and Rachel while Lori tried to sleep in. The cat was kept from meowing loudly, the children did not scream, everyone get fed and had their medicine. Some chores got done. And I had coffee and we listened to my "Saturday Morning Coffee" station on Pandora which seems to be resembling Lori's "Fly Me To The Moon" station more and more.

Lori joined us, we all got ready for the day and we all got our suntan lotion on and took a 3 mile walk on a portion of the big trail that cuts through town.

And then Menchies!

After we got home I mowed a section of grass and we set up the sprinkler ring Ben got for his birthday. It's a six foot ring with evenly-spaced holes. You connect a hose, turn it on, it fills with water and then water starts spraying out. It's a little bit of a bummer - the package shows sprays all straight up several feet. Maybe it was our water pressure, but it only shot up about a foot at most. The hose connection is at an odd angle that causes it to slowly roll inward over time. Still, they enjoyed it for awhile.

When we came in, I decided to fix the broken changing table so I brought in a bunch of tools, some lumber and built a frame that should allow it to withstand his standing and jumping for awhile.

Lori made an awesome dinner with some chicken that smelled amazing. And then it was time for the little ones to head off to bed.

She's talking about the burgers she's going to make for Monday. Garlic and butter and stuff. I suggested slathering the lid of the grill with butter so that it would rain butter while the burgers were cooking.

I'm going to be over my calories today, I wasn't careful.
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