Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Somehow, we're ending the day early. That's cool because I still got a lot done tonight and got to play with Ben a little and do a therapy with him. The tasks are probably simple at this point but he still needs to work on task completion.

I am feeling peaceful, relaxed.

I didn't do anything to simplify anything today, but I haven't done anything to mess up the laundry room. I did realize that there's another place I can work - my address book. Between Facebook and LinkedIn and the built-in address book at work, I probably don't need nearly so many people in there. I noticed this because I keep coming
up with home addresses for work people or people long out of my system, some who aren't even still married. LinkedIn wanted me to plug in my email and I was surprised at how many founders of Internet companies and C-level people showed up in my inbox. Half of the names I didn't even recognize, but apparently at some pint in the past I'd communicated with them
over email and so they'd been stored in my contacts. I ended up not adding anyone because it defaulted to wanting to add 160 new people and I got tired of un-checking and finally just clicked "Skip". That's definitely an area I can simplify.

No reading yet, but we're heading upstairs early and I'll get some in yet.
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