Friday, November 11, 2011

The Sift 311-315

The Sift 311: Finances and Banking
  • Negotiate Before Signing a Credit Card Agreement to Get Valuable Concessions
  • Square ditches $1,000 per week limits, has 800,000 merchants processing $2 billion per year
  • Why Banks Don't Lend All Your Money
  • Bloomberg TV Begins Live Streaming to the iPad
  • Yasheng Huang: Does democracy stifle economic growth?

The Sift 312: Food and Health
  • How much of something can I eat for 100 calories?
  • MobiUS smartphone ultrasound hits the market two years too late for relevancy
  • Monkeys control virtual arm with their brains, may herald breakthrough for paraplegics
  • Help from Yelp: Harvard study shows online reviews boost Seattle restaurants
  • Josette Sheeran: Ending hunger now

The Sift 313: Google
  • Street View hits the stunning Swiss Alps railways - let's see them strap one to an airplane. :)
  • A Fall Sweep
  • More Google Wallet merchants are live. Now you can pay AND save in a single tap
  • Google Analytics Launches In-Depth Flow Visualizations
  • Google Defaults to Encrypted HTTPS Searches for Logged In Users

The Sift 314: Microsoft
  • The Windows 8 Task Manager
  • Reflecting on your comments on the Start screen
  • Microsoft Bid for Yahoo Building Momentum
  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Not Buying Yahoo: "Sometimes, You’re Lucky"
  • Yahoo Reports Dismal Earnings, Revenue Down 24%

The Sift 315: Happy Bank Transfer Day! (11/05/11)
  • How to Break Up with Your Bank in Seven Steps
  • Ditch Your Bank - Find a Credit Union -- United States, Canada, United Kingdom
  • The best bank in the world. If you're not military or a military-dependent, you won't be able to join the bank part, but they're also a great place for insurance and other financial services.
  • Bank of America Kills $5 Debit Card Fee - too late! You should be ashamed for ever having considered it! We see how you are. You'll figure out some other way to try to rip us off. Hey, ho, BofA must go!
  • Penny for Your Thoughts?

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