Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Sift 301-305

The Sift 301: Google
  • More About Google's New Design
  • Google finally pulls the plug on Buzz amid 'fall sweep'
  • More Bad News for Google+? Research Shows Sustained Downward Trend in Activity
  • Google Analytics in Real-Time
  • Google to launch MP3 store in coming weeks?

The Sift 302: Social Media
  • Facebook Launches New In-Line Translation Tool
  • Google+ Now Lets You Lock Down Posts Before Publishing
  • Google+ Has 40 Million Users, Says Larry Page
  • StumbleUpon Doubles User Base in 16 Months, Surpasses 20 Million Users
  • Twitter CEO: Promoted Tweets Working "Better Than We Could Have Ever Hoped"

The Sift 303: Uncluttering, Organization and Productivity
  • The Hidden-Behind-Books Home Office
  • Questions to ask of your things when uncluttering
  • Fold Business Card Corners to Remember How to Follow Up with the Person
  • Get rid of the clutter in your clothes closet
  • Keep Your Desk Clean by Using the Breadbox Test

The Sift 304: Web Development
  • Internet of Yesterday & Today: 1996 vs. 2011
  • Dash, Google's Alternative to JavaScript
  • Dart: A language for structured web programming
  • Why No One Company Will Ever Monopolize the Internet
  • PayPal Seeks to Become the Web Payment System to Rule Them All

The Sift 305: Advertising, Marketing, News and Media
  • The Guardian Launches a New U.S. Homepage
  • Report: AOL, Yahoo & Microsoft Team Up to Sell Ads
  • Startup Replaces Captchas With Brand Messages for Better Web Advertising
  • How to Opt Out From Verizon Tracking Your Cellphone Activity
  • Kyoo Turns Social Media Buzz Into 24-Hour News Channels

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