Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Sift 321-325

The Sift 321: Cars
  • Honda's Small Sports EV concept proves electric can be svelte, comes to Tokyo Motor Show next month
  • GM demos accident avoidance system with brains and long range
  • Mercedes F125, the Fuel-Cell Hybrid From the Year 2025
  • The True Cost of Commuting
  • GM's got a brand new electric motor and it'll give you the key

The Sift 322: Energy, Environment and Science
  • New Bee Species Discovered Brooklyn, NY
  • The Air Force will give you $150,000 to blast its weeds with a laser
  • When Should You Not Use a Energy-Saving CFL Bulb?
  • GE's new factory will push out one solar panel every ten seconds
  • Empty Storefront in London Turned into World’s First Farm in a Shop!

The Sift 323: Entertainment, Technology, Fun and Games
  • Bert and Ernie TomTom voices tell you how to get, how to get to Sesame Street
  • 5 Ways Netflix Can Stop the Bleeding (Opinion)
  • Disney-ABC Signs Streaming Deals With Netflix, Amazon
  • 'Invisible glass' could reduce display glare
  • Please Lord, Save Us from the FarmVille Movie

The Sift 324: Food, Health, Exercise and Medicine
  • Are You Depressed?
  • Wondering what’s for lunch? Try Where Next?!
  • Fruitwash: Produce Labels That Turn Into Soap to Wash Your Fruits and Veggies
  • New sensor can read your heart from afar, but knows not your feelings
  • Thomas Goetz: It's time to redesign medical data

The Sift 325: Sales, Commerce and Customer Service
  • "...but what really blew me away..."
  • Open conversations (or close them)
  • YouTube 'Merch Store' makes your artist channel a one-stop shop for the groupie goodies
  • The Unreasonable Customer
  • Lifetime Value of a Customer/Cost Per Customer

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