Tuesday, November 29, 2011

500 in 300: Rundown

This isn't looking good.  I have continued to struggle to find time to run.  These days, when I leave for work at 8 am, it's barely light out.  When I leave work at 5 pm, it's pitch black.  I've run in the dark before, but it's a little more difficult now, because it's either raining, windy, below 40 degrees, the ground is wet, or some combination.   I could run at lunch, but then it's gotta be a short run in order to have time to eat.  What's worked best for me is to work through lunch and then run at 4 pm.  But even though I've blocked the 4-5pm hour on my schedule, it's become necessary lately to have some meetings at 4.

So, I've stalled long enough.  Time for the chart, but warning, it's not pretty.

Yep, I am officially behind schedule.  The good news is that I'm only 111 days in (36%) but have only completed 34% of the running.  I should be at 185 miles but I've completed 172.55.  I think it will continue to look bad until the weather turns, but I'm going to try to get out there more at the end of my workday.  That's worked well and is worth 2-3/4 miles each time I make that loop and it takes me less than half an hour.
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