Friday, November 25, 2011

The Problem with the Theater

Watching a movie at home

  • Find movie
  • Select TV with the correct (Blu-Ray/DVD or DVD-only)
  • Turn on TV and DVD or Blu-Ray player
  • Insert disc
  • Skip some previews
  • Watch movie
Watching a movie at the theater

  • Check showtimes
  • Coordinate babysitter for Ben (or decide who gets to go and who stays home)
  • Get in car
  • Stop at grovery store for candy
  • Drive to theater
  • Look for parking
  • Get in line to buy tickets
  • Get in line to get into theater
  • Get in line to buy popcorn
  • Get in line to get to area where theaters are
  • Find seats
  • Watch pre-show commercial for Chevy
  • Watch computer animation for theater from the 80's
  • Uncomfortably long message about turning off phone
  • Watch trailer for Japanese-style remake of The Borrowers
  • Watch trailer for Alvin & the Chipmunks Chipwrecked (ok, so I don't think anyone can make "Bad Romance" sound bad)
  • Watch trailer for Brave (yay, Pixar)
  • Watch trailer for Smurfs
  • Watch trailer for Journey 2
  • Watch trailer for several other movies.  
  • Try to remember what movie you even came to see.  Realize you've already finished your soda, candy and popcorn.
  • Watch movie.  Listen to kids crying and people talking.  And walking in and out of the row.  And your feet stick to the floor.
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