Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Sift 316-320

The Sift 316: Social Media
  • Twitter Has 100 Million Monthly Active Users; 50% Log In Every Day
  • No, Facebook Is Not Ruining Your Grades
  • Hack a Label Printer into a Twitter Hashtag Ticker
  • Facebook Friend Count Linked to Brain Density
  • Adam Ostrow: After your final status update

The Sift 317: Space
  • NASA Details the Next 25 Years of Space Exploration
  • NASA Launches Solar-Powered Twin GRAIL Spacecrafts
  • NASA Unveils Plans for the World’s Largest Rocket
  • NASA Turns its Space Missions into a Kid-Friendly Video Game
  • Virgin Galactic to Charter Suborbital Flights to Space With NASA

The Sift 318: Advertising, Marketing, News and Media
  • New York Times Paywall Helps it Turn a Profit
  • How Gamification Can Make News Sites More Engaging
  • Style.com Goes Retro, Launches Print Magazine
  • Learn more about ads in Gmail
  • Google promises 'greater transparency' for targeted ads, gives users more control over them

The Sift 319: Amazon
  • Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader storms into Firefox on an HTML5 chariot
  • Amazon focusing on 'lifetime' Kindle revenue, anticipating record device sales for Q4
  • Amazon Embraces HTML5 for New Ebooks
  • Siri in the Kindle? Amazon Buys a Voice Recognition Startup
  • Amazon Reveals Kindle Fire Apps: Facebook, Netflix, Pandora and More

The Sift 320: Art, Architecture, Design and Style
  • Top 10 finalists in the 2010 Best Illustion of the Year Contest
  • Properly Paint a Brick Fireplace
  • World's Coolest Offices
  • Incredible Decaying Victorian Home Made From 110,000+ LEGO Blocks!
  • Dan Phillips: Creative houses from reclaimed stuff

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