Wednesday, November 09, 2011

500 in 300 - Running Around the Clock

It's continued to be a struggle to fit running into my day.  Last week was busy and I was a little bit sick.  I thought I'd get a long run in on Sunday but I started out too late and got so cold.  Eventually had to stop, buy an extra-hot Starbucks and then walk the rest of the way.  I usually try to get in some personal time at work before heading home, a little bit of time to wind-down.  The last two days I had been unable to really have lunch so I ended work a few minutes early and got in a quick 2 mile run.  It's felt good.

We're 30.33% in and I've completed 33.40% so far.  We're on day 91 and I should have completed 151.67 so far and I've completed 167, so I'm ahead by 15.33 so far.
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