Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Shoulders of Giants

Lori was reading last night to Rachel.  She was reading from 1 Chronicles 28 and 29 - David wants to build a temple for the Lord but God says no, it won't be David that builds it, but instead his son Solomon.

It was David's vision and he had a passion to do it.  He was ready to get going.  But God said no.  And not just no, but someone else.  David can get mad or pout or resignedly accept God's decision and move on.  He can led pride get the best of him, or he can even just move on and look for something else to do.  He was the king.

But David goes another route.  He begins amassing large amounts of materials for the temple.  So that by the time Solomon's ready to build it, he's got a really big head start.

This is the ultimate sacrifice of one's pride, the ability to look at the long-term, the ability to see his vision carried out.  Someone else gets the credit, but the thing in his heart is still accomplished.

What do we do when we're denied our vision?
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