Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Sift: 116-120

 The Sift 116: Transit, Traffic, Travel and Development

  • Insane Mile High ‘Kingdom Tower’ Given Green Light by Saudi Arabia
  • Unearthing Neighborhood Assets - building a community garden
  • NASA Funds Cessna to Develop Self-Healing ‘Magic Skin’ for Airplanes
  • Foster & Partners Breaks Ground on Ten Acre CityCenter in Washington DC
  • Can a Parking Garage be Sexy? Miami’s 1111 Lincoln Road


The Sift 117: Rocking Apps

  • WAZE - Social navigation. Load it up, drive around. Report accidents, learn about traffic from other Wazers.
  • LOSE IT! - Helped me lose 40 pounds in four months by makingg it easy to count my calories.
  • RUN KEEPER PRO - Also helped with the weight loss. Does a great job of tracking activity and makes cool maps of it after the fact.
  • FEEDDLER - A better way to read Google Reader than Google Reader. Especially on the iPad.
  • EVERNOTE - A great way to stay organized. We use it on several computers, iPhones and the iPad.


The Sift 118: It's Friday (part 1)

  • Friday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday, Analyzed
  • More Friday


The Sift 119: Web Development

  • How JavaScript & HTML5 Are Remaking the Web
  • This Is Why You Always Pay Your Web Designer
  • Why the Web is Useless in Developing Countries -- And How to Fix It?
  • HOW TO: Get Started with the Less Framework
  • Why Websites Are Slow & Why Speed Really Matters


The Sift 120: Energy, Environment and Science

  • India to Install Solar-Powered Cell Phone Towers this Year
  • Heinz to Use Plant-Based Bottles Made by Coca-Cola
  • Google Invests in Biomass Fuel Startup CoolPlanetBiofuels’ Negative Carbon Fuel
  • Clever Devices Turn Trees into Natural Wind Turbine Bases
  • Sale Prices for California Homes with Solar Arrays Soar to the Top of the Market


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