Friday, May 13, 2011

Vacation Starts Now

So normally I have a post each morning.  But Blogger's been busted, and even when it came back, it was still broken.

I am on vacation.  I've dragged my email app on the iPhone to a page all by itself at the end.  I can still see it on the iPad, but the iPad also has my personal email, so changing that isn't worth the effort.  And if someone calls me from a phone number that I've marked as a work-related number -- well, those will all go straight to voicemail.

After work we had small group, but now that's done and we're doing some late night exercise and television before bed.  So I'm uploading a lot of photos to Flickr and starting to get stuff cleaned up.  It'll be a week of just getting stuff done.  Reading books and magazines, exercise, working in the yard.
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