Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Good Day

Yesterday morning at work started with an emergency meeting. We were starting with a crisis - far more work requested than people able to make it happen. Well, as near as we could tell - both in terms of how quickly, and in terms of an unpredictable year. Past years had shown a decline in the summer, but not this year. Oh, there were some extraordinary factors at work this time around, but it still seemed like the work was rising. I went to the meeting with trepidation - was that really what this was about? Was it connected to some rumblings I'm sensing? Was there some question of what I was up to? I wasn't worried about that, but it's always weird when you're asked to bring all the work of your teams to an emergency meeting. Turns out the opposite was true - even though it was possible to see what was going on - we were all so busy that visibility had been lost. But now, eyes were opened. I had no idea what the meeting would cover, but we only talked about one of my teams and as a result of the conversation, I'm going to get some short-term help at the expense of my peers. I feel bad for them, but I think everyone will agree it was the right move. Some additional help presented itself today in ways I wasn't expecting and more may be on the way. This helps me out of jam, but doesn't help me personally. I wouldn't say I'm swimming now, but it's making it a little easier to breathe. And next week, further discussions about my other team. I felt like celebrating. Someone had offered to get me Starbucks on Thursday but the timing wasn't right. But Friday, Friday felt like a Starbucks day. It didn't happen, but maybe this weekend. Maybe also Menchies.
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