Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Sift 131-135

The Sift 131: Dropbox

  • DropTunes Is a Web Jukebox for Your Dropbox Music Stash
  • Use Dropbox to Locate Your Lost or Stolen Computer
  • Dropbox Forms Is the Easiest Way to Let Anyone Send a File to Your Dropbox Account
  • How to Permanently Delete Old Files from Dropbox
  • Get Dropbox for yourself


The Sift 132: Google

  • Google Street View Adds Imagery of the Coliseum & Other Historic Landmarks
  • Google Offers Easier Way to Transfer Video From Google Video to YouTube - better late than never?
  • Coming Soon to YouTube: Major Hollywood Films?
  • Need more contacts in Gmail? Contacts limit now increased to 25,000
  • Google’s Plan To Win Location & Social


The Sift 133: Advertising, Marketing, News and Media

  • Katie Couric to Leave CBS Evening News
  • Wall Street Journal Launches WikiLeaks-Style Site for Whistle-Blowers
  • AOL Profit Falls 86% as Subscribers Keep Fleeing
  • Facebook Takes 31.2% of the U.S. Ad Display Market
  • Dan Cobley: What Physics Taught Me About Marketing (TED.COM; 7:39)


The Sift 134: Entertainment and Technology

  • DirecTV's $30 per rental premium video on-demand service launched April 21 - and hopefully no one noticed.
  • Nielsen estimates show first drop in TV ownership in 20 years
  • U.S. Carriers Begin Blocking Android Tethering Apps
  • Microsoft patent details a 3D desktop interface with a room for your windows
  • New Smithsonian American Art Museum Exhibit


The Sift 135: Energy, Environment and Science

  • Oklahoma, Where the Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down the Plain
  • Shepherding the Wind
  • Green Algae Could Help Clean up Radioactive Nuclear Waste
  • China Doubles 2020 Solar Power Target to 50 GW
  • Rob Harmon: How the Market Can Keep Streams Flowing (TED.COM; 8:47)


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