Monday, May 09, 2011

The Sift 126-130

 The Sift 126: Playstation

  • Sony PlayStation Network User Information Stolen
  • Sony provides PSN update, confirms a 'compromise of personal information'
  • Sony update on PSN / Qriocity outage: 'some services up and running within a week'
  • Sony May Be Clueless in PSN Hack
  • PlayStation Network Still Down; Sony Says it Will Return By May 4


The Sift 127: Uncluttering, Organization and Productivity

  • The state of your desk likely influences perceptions of your professionalism
  • Scientists find physical clutter negatively affects your ability to focus, process information
  • Ready, Set, Work
  • Mail Sorting SolutionDeclutter to Learn How to Save Money


The Sift 128: Space

  • New Mars Rover to Land Using Rocket Crane (video)
  • NASA & Google Celebrate Milestones in Space Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]
  • Robotics merit badge gets official within Boy Scouts of America, Wall-E approves emphatically
  • 50 Years In Space: Was It Worth It? [INFOGRAPHIC]
  • NASA forced to abandon plans for 3D camera in next Mars rover, James Cameron not losing faith yet


The Sift 129: Apple

  • Apple May Beat Google to Market With Cloud Music Service
  • Make Safari Load Faster in iOS with a Custom Home Screen Shortcut
  • What LocationGate Says About How Users Perceive Information Privacy
  • Apple Officially Responds to Location Tracking Controversy
  • Apple confirms it's working on a traffic service, moving away from Google Maps?


The Sift 130: Food, Health, Exercise and Medicine

  • The Health Benefits of Coffee vs. Tea - the benefits of each
  • Pepsi Vending Machine Lets You Gift Drinks to Friends Via Social Media [VIDEO]
  • Keeping the Blind Running
  • All in a day’s work for caregiver volunteers - geez, what's up with Wyoming?
  • Starbucks' brand for people who hate Starbucks


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