Saturday, May 22, 2010

Handul of Frosting

Watching Sherlock Holmes right now. So far, a bit bored. I'm wondering when it's going to get good. I assume it does. I've heard it is.

Today started rather early. Early for a Saturday. Rachel has a sign on her door that says she's not to wake us up before 8, but her first visit in was at 10 minutes to seven. I don't know how many visits there were, but she was hungry, lonely, she wasn't interested in what I suggested she eat and she also wanted to let me know my breath was bad.

She was finally accepting of a jello and fruit cup, but she brought it without the bowl, and then a separate trip back with the bowl which she set down noisily on the foot of the bed. It's amazing that Lori slept through the whole thing, waking up about an hour later.

I wasn't able to pull myself out of bed right away and by the time I stumbled downstairs I found Lori and Rachel cleaning up the living room. Ben has a lot of toys in the corner of the room and we didn't pick them up last night and they were strewn everywhere. That boy plays far and wide.

We had a bit of quiet day around the house. I can't really even remember how the morning went, beyond some laundry.. folding and putting away. And then just as quickly, it was time to go over to Corey and Gilda's for Corey's birthday party. That was a pretty nice time. Often when we're out, Lori's responsible for the children. Getting them food, getting them fed, entertaining them. It's often entirely on her. Today I ended up helping Rachel get her plate set, then got her a chair so she could kneel at the kitchen counter. (A wise move, another child spilled red kool-aid on their carpet. Their parents were so frustrated, brought in their own cleaning products from their car.) So then I stayed in the kitchen with Rachel to keep her company and because I don't like crowds. Eventually Ben joined me. Except when he's hurt and seeking comfort, if he has a choice, he chooses me over Lori. I feel guilty about that sometimes, except when I see how quickly he runs to her when he gets hurt. She is the protector.

A nice party, a bunch of church friends I know. After the cake (which, while we were singing, Ben grabbed at, coming away with a handful of frosting), we headed back home and put Ben down for his nap. Again, not sure really how the afternoon was spent. Pretty relaxing. I guess I did a little cleaning in the laundry room, but not too much. The room has stayed much, much cleaner since Carol's death. Cash doesn't make the same kind of mess that Carol did. It was pretty quiet around the house... Rachel spent time in her room while Ben napped.

Dinner was all on our own so I opted for pizza and thousand island dressing and soda. Good stuff. Then some exercising. Felt good, I hadn't done some of those exercises in awhile.

Ok, that was funny. A fight involving apparently a early European taser or something?

It's been nice having a three day weekend. Especially since there's still a third of it left. And the LOST Series finale to look forward to tomorrow night.

Ok, some of these special effects are now looking pretty particular. But I'm still bored by the overall story. Ha. The boat just sank. Sorry if that spoils anything.

I just learned tonight that many libraries have passes to cultural events that you can check out just like you check out a book. Oddly, most of the King County ones are in Bellevue, but apparently we can also get stuff from the Pierce County library as well. That's pretty cool. Between the two, there's a good variety of museums and children's museums.

As I sit here, Lori's hard at work on invitations for Rachel's birthday party. She's put a lot of work on them, part of a whole theme she's putting together for the party. I'm not sure Rachel will be able to even fully appreciate it, but Lori is seeming to have a lot of fun bringing it all together, so that may ultimately be the most important part. She's been buying pieces here and there, very excited to show me the different pieces, how she's saved money on a particular part of it, how she's had to go to a number of different stores, but how it's all coming together. Fun watching her pursue a project like this.
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