Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wham, Bam, No Thank You Ma'am

So, yeah, it's raining this morning. Cool. I want some exercise, so I drive to Fred Meyer and I walk around for about 15 minutes and then buy some gum. Even though I resynced my phone and it seemed to add a bunch of songs and I could even see them on the phone when I treated it like a drive attached to my computer, it was still refusing to play. I haven't had time to look tonight to see if counted all the skips as plays or as skips. I hope not.

So I buy some gum, get back in the car and head towards work. I'm sitting at a stop light and then *thump*. Seriously? Are you serious? Really? I look in the rearview mirror and I can see she's still on the phone even. Ugh. I get out, pull out my phone and snap a photo of her license plate and send it to Lori's phone. She's getting out at that point and I ask for her insurance. Of course, she doesn't have it, or doesn't have it with her in the car. Of course. So I demand her license which she hands over quickly. My hands are shaking but I manage to quickly get a pen and find something to write on. I had to write her license number down twice because I wasn't sure it was going to be legible. Then I get back in my car and start the car and then the light turns red so I'm stuck there for an entire cycle. I see her still standing between the two cars and then crouching down.

Then the light did turn green and so I floored it and got on the freeway as fast as I could. I hate to admit that my behavior at that point was not the correct behavior that I normally try to maintain. Which is frustrating.

I got to work, parked the car, looked at the back and honestly, I can't see any damage. Score one for plastic clad cars, I guess. I went up to work but I couldn't really concentrate. I told Lori about what happened and then I decided that I deserved Starbucks. So I cautiously got back in the car *with my iPod* and drove uneventfully to Starbucks, backed into the best spot in the lot, got out and went in and ordered my fav, a Marble Mocha Macciato Venti Extra Hot Non-Fat No-Whip and an Oatmeal with everything. Ok, so usually it's a grande, but I needed a little more today. Anyhow, sometimes when I don't say "No-Whip" they ask me if I'd like whipped cream. So I figure I avoid the question by mentioning it upfront.

Well, miss not-a-great-barista says "That doesn't come with whip." Seriously? You don't need to say that. You simply move on. Because I've asked for something not to be in there that apparently it doesn't come with. That's the easiest thing in the world. You don't stop and take the time to make the customer feel stupid. Doy.

So, safe drive back, got to work, had a nice slow day and got quite a bit done and even got some stuff done on a project I've wanted to do for years. So cool. People are starting to realize what's possible and they're now wanting me to do more. On top of that, two projects are launching in the next day or two that I've had a hand in are coming to fruition. A mobile website for our core offering and a new way to get to our core offering connected to our email newsletter. I'm pretty excited.

Oh, and the organization is switching from T-Mobile to AT&T. So we had to choose from two Blackberry options or the latest Apple iPhone. I'm going with the iPhone. I'm kind of excited. An iPhone at work means I no longer want to upgrade my cell phone here at home because it's breaking. I might consider getting rid of my cell phone at home entirely and just paying the fee that lets me use the work phone for personal use. I figure we could save enough here to allow Lori to get an iPhone. And still save some money over what we've been paying each month. That's pretty sweet. We could probably even pay the $15/month for iPad access and come out about the same. Well, except the cost of the iPad itself, so we'll probably not be going that route. It is nice to think about the idea of saving money.

Watching Lost. Nice to see Ben evil again. Feels more natural.
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