Saturday, May 08, 2010

Weekend Schmeekend

I wanted to sleep in today.  That didn't happen.  I had forgotten to turn off my alarm, so it went off at its usual time.  I did go back to sleep for a little while, but it's not the same thing.  I woke up a few times after that.  And then it was too late to exercise this morning.  It was a calm morning.  I can't remember if Ben sat in his high chair or at the table, but he's been sitting at the table a lot more lately.  It's pretty cool.  Though I have to say none of them worked as well as the very first time I tried it where he sat there for nearly an hour eating.  Hmmm... the g key is not working too well tonight.  Suddenly, every word has a g in it.  One of these days I need to have this laptop looked into.  Usually if there's a problem key, it's the s key but not tonight.  Having a non-working s key is much worse.  End up signing all my emails "Jame"  Derrr.

Finally, it was off to Fred Meyer for the kids and I.  Mother's Day gifts.  It was a random trip, going all over the store and back, including a bathroom trip.  She's getting so good at taking care of her business all by herself but she still asks if I can take her into the men's room, which I rarely do anymore, unless the bathrooms seem sketchy.  So like any fast food restaurant or Best Buy or Home Depot.  I love Best Buy and Home Depot, but they have amazingly poor bathrooms.  Although if you don't count gas stations, I think one of the worst bathrooms I'd been in ever was Toys R Us in Santa Monica.  It wasn't so much dirty as scary with all the graffiti on the walls.  Anyhow, this is an unpleasant tangent.

So, running all over the store.  We didn't have time to look at the one gift that Rachel had really had her mind set on when we first left, but I really wasn't sure it was something Lori would want or have use for, so I tried to talk her out of it.  In the end, we didn't have time to look for it and it now seems forgotten, but I still feel a little bad for not taking her to look, but I feel good for coming home without it.  Lori may read this so I'm being vague.

Rachel's got a few more things up her sleeve for tomorrow which should be fun.  She's really excited which is cool.

Ben just hung out in the cart the entire time, looking around, but being quite quiet and maybe a little fussy.

Then back to the car to head home.  This employee was standing on the ramp talking to another employee who was walking away.  He didn't know he was in my way so I said "Excuse me" in a loud and deep voice and he apologized and moved out of the way.  I smiled at him and said thanks when he apologized.  I wouldn't call what I did rude, but I did use my "attention other adult human, I am being commanding" voice.  Nearly the only phrase I ever issue in that voice is "Excuse me."   So then get back to the car which I had parked next to a cart return only to see a big truck parked next to me.  I was very confused until I realized they had just pulled in as far as they could.  Yes, they were blocking the cart return.  Pinheads.

Same employee came out a few seconds later and asked if it was my truck (behind the SUV, it could have looked like I was about to get into the pickup).  I said nope and pointed to the cart return and said "I parked here so I could put the cart away when I was done."  He was writing down the truck's license plate and said he'd take the cart for me when we were done.  So I quickly unloaded everything and the kids so as not to make him wait too long.  I was kind of glad the pinheads in the pickup didn't come back before we and the employee left.  I do hope that they got a ticket; I've never thought of it as an unsafe place, but I regularly see police cars there.  (Maybe that's why, maybe it's preemptive to keep it safe?)

Preemptive is a strange word.  You'd think it would be pre-emptive.  Oh well.

We went home, Rachel and Lori went off to meet Lori's mom for tea, I fed Ben and put him down for a nap and then watched a bunch of sbemails (I'm way behind) and then put another coat of paint on the bookcases and worked on another section of the yard, putting down weedblock and three bags of bark.  The second half of that sentence took three hours.  Not to write.

And so now I find myself here.  I think tomorrow will be quiet.  We're getting take-out for lunch because we haven't had it in awhile, going to a restaurant is crazy and this gives Lori a break.  And then I'll hang out inside with the kids to hopefully give Lori some quiet time for mother's day.  The lawns could use mowing, but that's not going to happen.  So sadly lawn #4 still hasn't been mowed this season and the grass is super-tall.  And I know there will be lots of moss underneath.  Probably the most environmentally friendly option would be to put Roundup on it and kill all the grass and moss and then fill it in with gravel and pavers.  The most economic option would be to do all that, but start with gasoline and a match instead of Roundup.

I'd like a longer weekend.~
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