Monday, May 31, 2010

It Was Like The Difference Between Day and Another Day

I feel like I ought to write tonight. It's been awhile, I've gotten out of the habit, after doing so well for so long. It was a really interesting as far as weather went. The day started gray and rainy. It would rain a little bit, stop, start again. Sometimes light, sometimes downright torrential. At one point, I looked out, saw that the grill was completely dry, and then as I watched, big huge raindrops splatted and in less than a minute, it was soaked again.

But, by the time it was time for our Memorial Day grill, the weather turned. Suddenly, it was bright and sunny. Like an entirely different day. We thought for a second that the grill had run out of fuel but it had actually just blown out. We had burgers, steak, hotdogs. I asked Pandora to play stuff based on John Phillip Sousa, but of course, it also started playing John Williams, including Star Wars. Which Corey immediately gave the thumbs up.

Huh. A key has stopped beig displayed whe I type it. This is really frustratig. Argh. I do't feel smart eough to try to wittily write im a way that avoids usimg the letter |\|. I woder if I ca fix it.

Ok, I popped the key off. That seems to have fixed it. Ha. None of that the required the n key. Ironic.

So it was Corey and Gilda and Corey's mom and Rachel from church and Lori's mom and then all of us. Ok, it's starting to not work again. I'm so glad that a new laptop has been ordered. Although a broken n key is far less annoying than my BlackBerry. My iPhone was ordered a week ago. I'm predicting two more weeks. The laptop, that I'm predicting like six weeks.

We're watching CSI: now. First of two parts ending the season. I hate the season enders. It's always the resolution of that season's serial killer, annoying story arcs that I could do without. I hate the serial killer storylines.

I wasn't feeling well on Saturday and didn't get a lot of exercise in. But yesterday, I felt better and got a lot done. I had the Wii Fit upstairs, so I did the island jogging in the loop from living room to foyer to kitchen to dining room to living room. I used the iPod touch to read Google Reader while doing loop after loop. I don't know how many times I did the exercise, but probably at least 5 times at 6 minutes per exercise. And then I also walked, so I got two hours' worth of exercise in yesterday overall. That's pretty cool. Not sure how much I'll get total today, but it will be considerably less. I did some yoga and balance exercise earlier, and I'll do an hour of walking tonight, but it won't be as good as the jogging I did yesterday. I guess I need to take up jogging on a regular basis. Not too thrilled about that idea. I will probably get a jogging app for the iPhone.

I did not get a lot of chores done this weekend, either. I got some stuff done off my list, including some stuff who had been there for months and now will be gone for a few months.

Today should be a challenging week. It's a short week, but it will be busy week. First off, it's a short week. Then, two full days will be spent in training. Then half a day will be spent in a group exercise. I'm thinking about putting my out-of-office message on and leaving it on all week.

And as always, I've come up short on my number of words. The episode ended and it's 10:25. I think we could fit in the other episode in and just be done with it. Good. We are. Weird. I didn't realize that CSI worked for Jim Brass. I might have to go review Wikipedia.

I was torn about inviting people over this weekend. I thought it would cut into the time spent doing chores. But then, I really failed on that front, I had plenty of time to do chores that I used foolishly. Well, by foolishly I mean that I relaxed and did other things that weren't chore-related. So perhaps not necessarily foolish. On the other hand, it is nice to spend time with people, and having guests means the house has to be in great shape. It didn't take a lot to get it there and I think the time was far better spent with friends and family than running around cleaning or thinking I ought to be cleaning.
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