Monday, May 24, 2010

Abrupt Ending

Darn it all. I forgot to write at all last night. And I was in the 40s for non-stop writing. Argh.

So, yeah... LOST ended its run last night. I think the most telling thing I learned that if I could do it all over again -- I would have had warm chocolate chip cookies instead of popcorn.

It's really weird, but I don't feel like talking about what I thought of the finale. In fact, I don't even feel like telling people what I think about anything. Of course, this is something I'm going to post anyhow, so maybe I'm hypocritical. Or just severely confused.

Yeah, it seems really weird. After the episode, I didn't even go on Facebook, and didn't even really go on today, except to briefly accept a friend request and to send an email to my small group. It's like I've lost interest in seeing what people think or telling people what I think. It just all feels inconsequential. It's like, ok, now what? It was a big deal and there were weeks where I felt like I simply passed times between episodes. And now it's all over and done with.

Life goes on.

Maybe it was the escapism, the mystery, I don't know. But now it's done. Dare I say maybe now there's an unfilled void? A unsatisfactory lack of closure? The knowledge that this universe, this world, is over and I still don't get it? Gee, look at that, maybe there's more to this than I realized.

But I guess I don't want there to be. So... changing gears. To what? The danged bookcase. So I thought I was all done. I don't know how many coats, but I finally finished the large pieces and I was ready to start building. Only as I brought in the pieces, it didn't feel like there was enough pieces. And then I realized, that's because there was more. The five pieces I had completed had started with some painting done from earlier, but these new three pieces hadn't been touched at all. Three more stinking 6 footlong pieces that needed to be painted on all six sides. Argh. And then also, I used up all the paint. So had to have Lori get another $40 gallon of paint. The good news is the pieces I brought in, Lori thinks they look really good against the wall color. So, maybe a few more weekends of painting and I'll be able to bring all those pieces in. Of course, the instructions are nowhere to be found. God Bless Ikea for posting all their instructions online. Granted, I couldn't open the file, but I believe that's an easy fix.

Today was a good day. After staying up late, I slept in, had to work hard to try to get there on time and almost made. I can't remember what prevented me, but it was only two minutes late. But then I forgot there was something I had to get done by 9, so I ran to get that done, only to find out that I now needed them done by 1 pm instead.

I can't remember where the morning went. I think there was a lot of catching up on email, a couple of meetings. Lunch, a nice walk outside, and then the 1 pm meeting, over by 1:05 (well, the meeting went on for another hour without me), a lot of work that afternoon and then a couple more good meetings with my teams and then another hour that passed very quickly.

Then home, did some chores to help around the house (call me strange, but it makes me feel productive) and then a nice dinner with the family, then helped Ben get ready for bed while Lori helped Rachel get ready for bed, fast-forward a little bit and we're here.

I think this is going to be a great week. Some good stuff going on at work, the weather's improving to where I can do more walking outside and I don't know, I'm just feeling good. But there's some stuff I'm not doing well on. Most notably the diet. This is a real struggle. I pretty much am stuck where I am. I've now been doing the Wii Fit for over 400 days and I've lost only 13 pounds. When I lost the 27 pounds shortly after moving here, I was doing a lot more walking outside. It would be nice to do that again, but it's a little more difficult now.
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