Monday, May 17, 2010

A(nother) New Day...?

I feel good. This stupid computer, I notice, is still having problems with the g key. And the n key looks like it's going to be next. It's slowly moving to the right. Argh. Annoying. I wonder if I took it in if it would be something they could easily repair.

Watching Chuck. Annoyed to see that Shaw might still be alive.

Today was a great day. I got up, read my book instead of watching TV. Walked before work, read some Reader's Digest. Work was good, had a number of meetings, met with people, got stuff done. Submitted requests, pushed things forward. Even reached out to someone in Australia who put me in contact with someone in Canada. I guess I shouldn't act like I'd like to see something happen unless I'm ready to work on an international side project. I guess I'm ready to work an on international side project?

Of course, then something tragic happened. Well, doubly-tragic. I forgot my iPod at work. It was bound to happen. I was all caught up on walking out with people. I've said before "If I can't find my car keys, I'll walk. If I can't find my iPod, I'll stay home." Well, anyhow, yeah, forgot my iPod. I was super-bummed. But I had a backup! I pulled out my Motorola RAZR v3i and called up the iTunes software on it. But it wouldn't play. I thought I just couldn't get it to play through the speaker, but it kept trying to play the same Billy Joel song. And then it kept jumping through other songs.

So frustrated. I tried listening to a CD, but I didn't really want to. I tried listening to the radio and it just made me extremely mad. The sound was muddy, I couldn't press a button to tell anything I didn't like a song and that it should be skipped. Or never played again. I had only a few choices from which to listen to. Ugh. Terrestrial radio. Horrible. It needs to be put out of its misery. Pandora for everyone.

So I inspired myself yesterday. So, today I was change I wanted to see in myself. Or something like that. I didn't have any dangerous snacks to avoid, but I made sure to get more exercise in, I did and plan to do more reading, less TV, less computer. I also did a little balance exercise. And I did more walking.

So, I'm feeling good. It's only a day in, and I've had plenty of other times where I've sworn this time was it, only to find out after a few days or months that it wasn't. But it would be cool if this weren't the latest in a string of useless failure. So, we'll try for it.

I built myself an Excel file. I created a bunch of, well, for lack of a better word, "activity codes". And then by hour I just enter all the things I did during that hour (ate, used Facebook, worked, cleaned, spent time with family, read books, watched TV) and then at the end of the day, I write down how much of each I did. I also write down what I ate and what exercise I did. Hopefully it will encourage good behaviors and discourage bad behaviors. The reason it works is because I put the file in my Dropbox so I can get to it from anywhere.

I have to say that I hate the Ellie storyline on Chuck. It's like every little bit with Ellie on it is the worst part of any episode. Even if Ellie's not in it, like Casey and Morgan talking about the phone call Casey tapped.

I have now run out of words with one hundred and twenty five little words left to go. Ok, Chuck's dad just threw a knife at him. And then the little interchange and then "I'm never wrong." Now I like this character better.

Earlier tonight Rachel and Lori had a great interchange. I'm copying it off the blog because Lori already blogged it, so I think it's OK.

Rachel: "I love you so much and I think you're the best person in the word," and then whispering, "Even though you're a little crabby sometimes."
Lori: "Well, thank you. I love you too. I've worked on that and I think I've gotten a lot better, but I'll keep working on it."
Rachel: "Okay. Good luck with that."

Seriously, where does she get it?
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