Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where the Wild Winds Blow

I am on the Wii Fit doing Free Step. I have 25 minutes left and then I'll do another 30 minutes. Today is day 401 of using the Wii Fit every single day. In all that time, I've only managed to lose 14 pounds. I do not think that the Wii Fit is to blame. Most days, I do 90 minutes of free step. I think that Free Step alone is not enough. I think that I need to get back into the habit of also doing yoga and strength and balance exercises if I really want to see results. The problem is that Free Step is easy. I can watch TV or play on the computer while I do it. And I can do it while Lori's down here. So often in the evenings I do Free Step while she rides the exercise bike and we watch TV.

But there are some other reasons for such a cruddy showing after 401 days. Most notably, it's the really poor eating habits I have. There is always good stuff around and I have absolutely no will power. There was a time where I was blogging everything I was eating and another time where I was sending it all to Lori, a kind of accountability thing. That was cool. There was also a time where I was tweeting every time I avoided eating something not good for me. But then I got yelled at for using Social Media too much while I was at work. They didn't understand that you can call up Digsby and spend 5 seconds typing and post a Twitter update, but it was easier just to stop than try to tell them they were wrong and I wasn't. Because they had a point, it was all about perception. Anyhow, I can't blame them for my lack of weight loss.

I've also heard that more sleep will help with eating habits and weight loss. I usually only get 5-6 hours a night and that's probably not enough. But there's so much that must be done and/or so much I want to do. I probably need to take a week off from Google Reader again; I have this book that's taking me forever to read. It was a free book and I have to post a review about it when I get done so that I can request another free book. This one is sort of interesting, it's about how the financial world got so screwed up and it goes way, way back starting with the earliest written records. So it's a bit slow and plodding. Interesting, but honestly, I can't imagine anyone being excited to read this book. Of course, it's also given me a long list of other things I want to check out. That's also a problem of its own. Every time I read non-fiction, I end up with a really long list of additional things... books I want to read, theories I want to check out, websites to visit, stuff to look up on Wikipedia (sorry, Kevin and Heather). The list just grows exponentially. Which is why I have to live long enough to get to a point where I can retire. Because then I want a house with a room with several different comfortable places to sit, lay, recline, a place with lots of windows, some with views of the ocean, some with plants/trees close. Because I can just imagine some great days where it's windy and the plants/trees are swaying, the ocean is choppy, clouds are rolling, wind is buffeting the house, rain is pounding against the windows. Maybe there's a fireplace, maybe not. Soft music, Lori curled up with a hot chocolate, me with a coffee, probably a cat or dog (or both) curled up, and we just spend the days reading. That just sounds awesome.

On the other hand, maybe I should just try to get to there from here - maybe I need to start seriously decluttering, seriously unplugging and really focusing on reading now if that's something that's really important to me. Of course, that means watching less TV (Survivor is on right now and it's actually irritating me because it's distracting. Yes, I agreed to watch it, yes, I've watched all but the first episode of the first season, yes, I want to see this finale, but still, they're already whining and complaining and I want them to shut up.) On the other hand, I've almost reached my word count, so I can call this done soon, I support.

So, yeah, this was really stream of consciousness, wasn't it? Now all of the sudden, I want to lose weight, use the computer less and read more.
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