Monday, May 10, 2010

And Then It Was Done

It's been a great day and I don't feel like writing. I got up this morning, exercised, got some laundry started, went to work, stopped for gas. Think it's a rip-off. If you automatically get three cents off for using your Fred Meyer card, and then it offers you 10 cents off but then only gives you seven cents off, that's a rip-off. I hate buying gas. Such a waste of time and money. I cannot wait until I have my hybrid or electric car. The cool thing is that since it'll be awhile, that's just time for them to get better and more powerful.

Work today was pretty good. I had to tell people "no" on stuff, others "maybe" and still others "maybe." I worked hard, didn't get too much further behind, got in a nice walk, had a few interesting conversations, not too many meetings, and then it was over very quickly.

Drove home, listened to the Saddleback podcast. I think it's working out better to listen to them on the drive home versus the drive there. I'm able to pay more attention and it makes the drive go much quicker.

After the drive home, dinner. The children did pretty well and they were destined for an early bedtime. That was pretty amazing. Two children in bed by 7:15. That gave almost FOUR hours! That rocks. I got a lot done on my chore list. That never happens. And I even got downstairs early enough to do some exercising before starting my walking. And then got to watch a little bit of Breaking Bad before Lori came down. Now we're watching Chuck. Pretty entertaining episode so far. Except for the fact that they keep talking in the symphony. It is rude, but it's also annoying the woman next to him who keeps shushing him. They were watching Spies Like Us earlier starring Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd. When will Dan Akroyd (am I spelling his name correctly?) guest on the show? Why is like every scene with Ellie annoying? It's not her.

Ok, this episode is getting trippy. I just hope he doesn't kill the President of Zambia or whatever country it is himself.

And now I'm caught up to now. What to talk about? The future? Or I can recap my theory on the Ford Mustang. Yeah, I'll do that. So... the Ford Mustang. I see who the car and, well, it's exciting. The car is just a thing of beauty. Powerful, great lines. Even though I hear it's stiff ride. But, wow, what a car. You see that car and you feel cooler just by seeing it. And then the car goes past you and the letdown puts you further down than you were and you wish you had never seen it.

I have a few theories about it. First, the Federal Government found out about the car, asked to see a model, and when they saw it, they said "No." If that car had been released, GM and Chrysler would never sell another car. So for anti-monopolistic purposes, someone stuck their boot on the back of the model.

Or, as they were going to present it, a door swung shut and hit the back end of the clay model and they didn't have time to fix it. Or, in a way I can't quite figure out, someone let a horse into the studio and it took a bite out of the rear of the car, leaving big huge horse-teeth marks in the model.

I mean, as implausible as that may be, the only other thing I can think of is that they stole the design for the back end of the car from the dumpster outside of the Buick Design Studio.

The Dodge Charger doesn't suffer from these problems. Of course, being a Chrsyler, they knew they didn't need to downgrade the design in order to prevent an unlawful monopoly because the fact that it's a Chrysler is enough of a strike against it in terms of quality. (Yes, I'm suggesting that Ford is of good quality. Which is ironic, but you have to go with me for the sake of argument here. This isn't about Ford's quality, this is about Ford's almost design and my own experience with Chrysler's quality.)

The police department here in town actually uses Chargers as a marketing tool. They promise new recruits that they'll get to drive Chargers when they join the force, it's a selling point that they can use when they don't have any more money to offer than another department that doesn't have Chargers.

Don't see too many Mustangs as police cars. They'd get laughed at.

Too many warm fuzzies on Chuck. Just saying.
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