Thursday, May 20, 2010

Odds and Ends 25


ENGADGET -- Nissan books 8,000 Leaf orders in 9 days Electric car is only available for pre-sale online in the 3 west coast states + Arizona + Tennessee


NEATORAMA -- Subway Everywhere - I pass more Subways than Starbucks on my way to work each day. Proof they're everywhere, there's one in a shipping container high up on the World Trade Center site. Before, construction workers spent half of their lunchbreak riding elevators to street level to buy food. Now, there's a Subway up where they are.


SEATTLE TIMES -- Kemper Freeman is suing to stop light-rail expansion to Eastside - Ugh. I'm also a Republican in this state full of Democrats and even I know Light Rail is a good idea. Kemper Freeman, you are indeed a dinosaur.


ENGADGET -- Hackers can remotely disable your car's brakes, create sensationalist headlines


MASHABLE -- RFID Tagged Cows Start Tweeting - interesting story about how they pretty much milk themselves, too.


SEATTLE SCAPES -- For Whom the Tunnel Tolls


BRAND AUTOPSY -- SBC = Seattle’s Brand Confusion - Yeah, they really did lots wrong with this.


So cool. An urban prank prompts government to quickly address a 20-year-old problem.


Restarting European Airspace. Timelapse of flight plans returning to normal after volcano.

-10- VIDEO

Lego Indiana Jones. haha awesome

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