Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This song is just six words long

What a difference a day makes. Sorry, yesterday was probably a slight exaggeration wrapped in an overly dramatic lyric choice for a headline. It's a nice song, even if the subject matter is dark. But the quote becomes quite stark when you add it with some bouncing off the guardrails of a trainwreck. (Last night I mixed my context, today I mix my metaphors. Deal.)

So I'm not king of the world today, but nor am I gonna paint the windows black and start screaming "Final Countdown" like some of the scary people in this video (which won't show up in Facebook, you'll have to actually visit my site - but have to say this video isn't good):

Now this video, much better (Lori loves how he cuts his words to get back to the kazoo):

And even more videos on this, thanks to Lori: