Saturday, November 21, 2009

Uppity Target

Ha!  I knew I wasn't alone.   Modbird, like me, can't help but see the new Target brand (up & up) and automatically see it upside-down in her head - dn & dn.  (Granted, the & is upside-down, but still...)  I don't know if it's too much Tetris or what, but there it is, the wrong way.

I'd really like to know how much someone got paid for this.  It's not that good.  Sure, the arrow fits the sensibility of the Target style - simple and straightforwarded.  Clean, but not sophisticated.  Boring.  Upside-down, it could be other things as well.

But I have to ask... why "up & up"?  Was there some concern in the past that maybe their products weren't on the up and up?  Or that other generics are shoddy?   Or in the other sense, what's going up?  Quality?  Price?  Both?