Monday, November 02, 2009

Before there was Twitter

I've done this a few times in the past, before I discovered Twitter. Because of the request that I not Tweet or use Facebook during business hours, I just kept a notepad open on my desktop to quickly dash off thoughts. I find it quite a good stress reliever to be able to get these thoughts out of my head.

8:00 am - Coffee and oatmeal, began drinking my big bottle of water
8:52 am - Philip brought an entire box of doughnuts to devos, including a glazed old fashioned. I resisted. There will be more doughnuts in the future.
Noon - One Oreo cookie and a handful of candy corn.
1 pm - Good lunch. Beef stroganoff and broccoli in cheddar sauce. Long walk.
2 pm - Just read an email about all the new features ExactTarget is rolling out. It's times like these that make me wish I were still an Email Producer so I could check out all the new coolness. Of course, we're not yet even sending with them, but it's very close.
2:15 pm - Done with my big bottle of water, thinking about another cup of coffee
4:30 pm - Never did get that cup of coffee, until now. Also, another handful of candy corn.
5:40 pm - Would like to have been done 40 minutes ago. I had stuff I wanted to do before signing off. Grrr.