Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Road I Must Travel

8:00 am - Drove to work with sunroof open, despite 39 degree weather. Played "Road I Must Travel" by The Nightwatchman several times. Any chance heaven is an Irish pub?

8:15 am - Oatmeal and coffee. Turns out I did complete 2 items on my to do list for yesterday. 9 for today, most are from yesterday. Four meetings today plus chapel.

8:35 am - First meeting down. 7 minutes including travel time. Nice.

3:40 pm - No coffee on third or second floors. Wow.

5:00 pm - Two thoughts... (1) already? and (2) finally. Can confirm that that I did not complete even 1 of the 9 items on my list. With only two meetings tomorrow, I have got to get some forward momentum. Wow, my day seems boring. Eh. But the drive in really rocked.