Monday, November 09, 2009

My Name is My Credit Card

Wow, what an absolutely rocking day. Spent two hours in training on a new product. It should mostly leave the old product in the dust. There are some weird things we're going to have to figure out, but in the short- and long-runs, I think it's going to save the team a lot of time.

I also got my own performance appraisal done for the year and one out of the six I need to do for my team and I feel good. I don't know why I dread these. Maybe it's because they take time to do well and maybe it's because if you're being honest, there's always things to consider improving for the next year. Of course, for me, that continues to be the thing I need to improve. Getting over my fear of the negativity that can be associated with that.

I also seriously plowed through email today. Feel good about how the day went, even if I got caught in a rainstorm on my walk and had to cut it short.