Thursday, November 19, 2009

Notecarding Experiences

My boss' boss' boss led devos this morning and said that someone once told him to carry a 3x5 notecard with him and a pen at all times, and to simply every so often write down a single word when there was an experience you wanted to remember.  Said that especially in high stress or high experience times, this prevents you from having sensory overload later when you wanted to remember something.  Very interesting.

Also, he spoke of a church in Rwanda that's now inside a memorial park.  Around the church are many mounds which are mass graves from the genocide, and the church itself has been sealed up, but inside remain the skeletons of people of all ages who believed that they would be safe inside the church but ultimately weren't, and you can even see bullet holes and machete marks throughout the place, even on the altar.  It's pretty amazing what humans are capable of doing to each other.  I can retype these words but I'm sure I actually have absolutely no idea what that's really like to experience that.