Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Stream of... hey, look, what's that?

8:00 am - Dilbert's at the end of his day, thinking "It's another day of useless work and no accomplishment." That will not be my day.

8:15 am - Over-the-shoulder technical support. Was asked for help and went over to look at someone's screen. Didn't do anything except watch them move the mouse around and talk through the point they were confused about. In the end, they seemed happy and satisfied that things were now working as they should. If you do that and then send them a bill, that's called consulting.

8:45 am - Devos, paraphrasing - "Whether your faith is a narrow ledge, a tightrope or a four-lane overpass, grace is the safety net that will catch you and lift you back up."

9:15 am - Spam subject lines: "Never let dude gun fail!" and "A decent watch will sure give you a decent look." Decent? Decent is when I don't put product in my hair and instead wear a hat. Pass.

11:16 am - Overheard, paraphrasing - "We're going to let him come up with his own ways of holidizing that part of the website." Yes, the key point of this is that they verbed holiday.

11:35 am - This day is feeling less productive than I'd intended. 10 items on my to-do list, 10 items still incomplete. Candy corn as an energy booster.

1:30 pm - Some thoughts while at lunch...
-- I like how many Asian people treat business cards (and sometimes credit cards) with reverence - accepting them and handing them to you by taking them gently by two corners with two hands, barely touching the card. I heard recently this is a sign of respect. It's kinda cool.
-- If I wanted a table at a certain time and I couldn't get a reservation because I only had a party of two -- what if I put in a reservation for eight and then when I got to the restaurant, I called from the car and canceled it?
-- Watched an excellent TED Talk on Motivation: http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/dan_pink_on_motivation.html (19 minutes)

5:20 pm - Day got away from me. Not sure I got any of the 10 things on my list done today. However, it was still a good, encouraging and productive day.