Saturday, November 07, 2009

When will I learn there are no guarantees

Some thoughts on some songs I heard this morning before work...

- "All Right" by Amy Grant is still a great song. Think I found some new meaning in it even today. "When will I learn there are no guarantees / what strengthens hope my eyes have never seen."

- What the world needs now is a new Frank Sinatra. And not in a Cracker way (the person most likely to understand this reference probably wouldn't be caught dead listening to Cracker, so there you go.) And if you say "What about John Mayer?" Then you need a kick in that teeth. That overhyped commercialized pretty boy is nothing but a corporate tool and "Waiting for the World to Change" is a piece of falsely optimistic tripe that appeals to people who are way too self-absorbed, prideful and egotistical (sadly, a topic I'm all too qualified to speak on). You can keep waiting for the world to change, but you will change first. Trust me. The sooner you get real about this fact and look at what you can change at the same time, the more effective you'll be. Don't wait for the world to change around you. Seize the carp and whatnot.

- And finally... I can't think of any, but I'll put it out to my readers... can anyone put into words the coolness that is the opening strains of "You Shook Me" by AC/DC? Bow-bzow-bow-bow, wah wah wah just doesn't seem to do it justice.

...a shortened work day. I didn't get much done at work, and then left at noon because Lori and I both had dentist appointments in the afternoon. Amazingly enough, I was sent home at the end with nothing more than the standard dentist gift-bag. No follow-up appointment for drill and fill. Unexpected and great.