Thursday, November 05, 2009

My Memory Has Just Been Sold

7:40 am - Ha! Despite a late start -- alarm seems to have been mysteriously turned off while I was a sleep, thankfully Lori's woke me -- no yoga and an email that I wanted to finish continued to keep me late, but I pushed on and got out of the house on time and got to work early enough to snag the parking spot that's been mine ever since I took it from the white minivan. Lately the minivan's been beating me to the office and taking the spot. The nerve! I rocked out to "Centerfold" in the car. Poor Rachel, every time that song starts at home, she quickly blurts "I like this song, don't change it!" Stayed old school (so old they were still spelling it correctly) with "Free Your Mind." Of course, we do, so she's never heard more than that really fun festive opening, but she really wants to.

8:00 am - While it's served me well in the past, I think there's one unintentional trick that I shouldn't be regularly doing. And it is this: Really pissing someone off in email, and then getting them into a conference room and wowing them. There are a few people at work for whom I believe this has led to a really strong relationship that I wouldn't have otherwise had with them and my name is a lot more firmly etched in their mind, and I can tell by the way they smile and greet me that the positive has had a lot more lasting impact than the negative. However, there's one here that I've only been able to do part one (this is all unintentionally, mind you) but not the second part so they've been simmering for months. I'd change that if I could. I'll be patient and try not to turn the heat up anymore.

8:20 am - Coffee and oatmeal. I'm tempted to run out later and get a Starbucks, but my family's coming for lunch today, so I won't be able to walk at lunch, so probably wiser for me not to. Sam brought me lemonade packets for my water - and he didn't even know I had run out of flavor packets. Sam rocks.

11:20 am - Updating my signature block. I think that my title is too long.
Technology Manager, Rest of World Vision US
Development and Delivery
Internet Business Unit
Products and Donor Recruitment
Donor Engagement, Advocacy and Communications
World Vision US

1:40 pm - Hey... an unofficial "dislike" button for Facebook - available only to Firefox users.

5:00 pm - Time to go. It's been a day. I think a productive day. My one meeting got canceled and I was 3/10 on completed goals today. I'm hoping for a repeat tomorrow. Tonight I'm solo with the kids while Lori's at choir practice. I'm thinking baths and early bedtimes all around. And I really ought to start updating my fan page. I'm up to 8 fans. Cool.